Aburakawa Clan

Kai Province

Aburakawa-fujin was a consort of Takeda Shingen, the sengoku daimyō of Kai Province.  She lived from 1528(?) to 1571, and originated from the Aburakawa clan, although her actual name is unknown.


Aburakawa-fujin was the daughter of either Aburakawa Nobumori or Aburakawa Nobutomo (the son of Aburakawa Nobuyoshi).  The Aburakawa were a branch of the Takeda. Aburakawa Nobuyoshi (the younger brother of Takeda Nobutsuna – the grandfather of Shingen) was the progenitor of the clan.  The son of Takeda Nobumasa, Nobuyoshi died in 1508, but was survived by Nobutomo, Nobutsura (Nobutomo’s son), in addition to Nobumori who was of the same lineage as Nobuyoshi.  The father of Aburakawa-fujin is also surmised to be of the same lineage as Nobuyoshi.


As the consort of Shingen, Aburakawa-fujin bore many children.  She was the mother of Nishina Morinobu, Katsurayama Nobusada, Matsuhime (later known as Shinshōni), and Kikuhime.  She is also believed to be the mother of Shingen’s third daughter named Shinryūin (popularly known as Marihime).  Morinobu was born in 1557, so she was a consort before this time.  The Takeda clan aimed for pacification by adopting the children of powerful clans that had been subjugated.  Nobumori became the successor of the Nishina clan of Shinano Province while Nobusada became the successor to the Katsurayama clan of Suruga Province.  Beginning in the Eiroku era (1558 to 1570), the Takeda clan maintained contact with the Oda of Owari Province.  In 1567, Shinshōni became engaged to Oda Nobutada, the eldest son of Oda Nobunaga; however, in 1572, the engagement was broken off.  In 1579, Kikuhime became the formal wife of Uesugi Kagekatsu.