Yoshimi Clan

Suō Province

Ōmiyahime was a woman who lived during the Sengoku period.  She was the daughter of Ōuchi Yoshioki, the fifteenth head of the Ōuchi clan and a sengoku daimyō based in Suō Province.  She became the formal wife of Yoshimi Takayori, a retainer of the Ōuchi.  After visiting an ancestral shrine, on 10/16 of Tenbun 9 (1540), Takaoyori was murdered by bandits in Yamaguchi at the age of forty-one.  The headship of the clan was inherited by his younger brother, Yoshimi Masayori, following his return to secular life from life as a monk.  Ōmiyahime then remarried and became the formal wife of Masayori.  She bore a son named Yoshimi Hiroyori.

Ōmiyahime died on 5/12 of Tenshō 5 (1577) and was buried below Tsuwano Castle.