Kashima Clan

Wife of Kashima Nagamasa

Awa Province

Narahime was a woman who lived during the Azuchi-Momoyama and early Edo periods.  She was daughter of Hachisuka Masakatsu and the formal wife of Kashima Nagamasa, the chief retainer of the Awa-Tokushima domain.

Narahime was born to the daughter of a consort of Masakatsu. Under one theory, this may have been the daughter of his formal wife, Daishōin.  Her siblings included Hachisuka Iemasa (an older brother) and Itohime (a younger sister and formal wife of Kuroda Nagamasa).

Initially, Narahime married Nakayama Genhachirō Naochika, a landowner in the village of Mitsubuchi in Owari.  This came to an end in the spring of 1570 after he was killed in action at the Battle of Kanagasaki waged between the allied forces of the Oda and Tokugawa against the allied forces of the Azai and Asakura in the Tsuruga District of Echizen Province.

Thereafter, Narahime became the formal wife of Kashima Nagamasa.  With Nagamasa, she gave birth to a son, Kashima Masayoshi, and three daughters (the wife of Yamada Munezumi, the wife of Masuda Nagatyuki, and the wife of Masuda Masataka).

Narahime died in 1606.  Her grave was made at the Hongaku Temple in Awa Province.