Chiba Clan

Kōzuke Province

Isehime was a woman who lived during the Sengoku period.  She was the daughter of Chiba Uneme, the lord of Hirai Castle in Kōzuke Province.

When Uesugi Kenshin deployed to the Kantō, based on the wishes of her father under his command, Isehime was tendered as a hostage to Kenshin.  Kenshin took an interest in her and attempted to have her at his side, but, owing to the firm opposition of Kakizaki Kageie, reconsidered, and abandoned the plan.  Thereafter, Isehime entered the Seiryū Temple as a nun but, before long, died.

There is a similar story by which Kenshin had fallen in love with Naoeshi (Osen-no-kata, the older sister of the wife of Naoe Kanetsugu, the chief retainer of the Uesugi clan).   There are no primary sources by which this can be authenticated, which appears only in military chronicles from later eras.