Oda Clan

Wife of Oda Nobukiyo

Owari Province

Inuyama-dono was a woman who lived during the Sengoku period.  She was the daughter of Oda Nobuhide and older sister of Oda Nobunaga.

Her real name is unknown but was commonly known as Inuyama-dono.  Her husband was Oda Nobukiyo, the lord of Inuyama Castle, a younger cousin of Nobunaga and Inuyama.  In 1549 (the era of Nobuhide), Nobukiyo misappropriated territory, causing friction with Nobuhide.  After Nobunaga succeeded his father, he reconciled with Nobukiyo and had his sister marry him.  Nobunaga and Nobukiyo cooperated in capturing Iwakura Castle, but their differences reignited over its disposition.  In 1564, Nobunaga took over Inuyama Castle after which Inuyama separated from Nobukiyo and came under the protection of Nobunaga.

Inuyama appeared to have bore a girl with Nobukiyo.  In a writing dated 1/11 of 1575, Nobunaga provided 50 kan mon of coins forged in the Fukumitsu township of Mino Province.

Following the demise of Nobunaga in the Honnō Temple Incident on 6/2 of 1582, Inuyama came under the protection of Nobunaga’s second son, Nobukatsu, who became the new lord of Owari Province.  There are records of a dowry, but her whereabouts thereafter are uncertain and date of death unknown.