Shishido Clan

Wife of Shishido Takaie

Aki Province

Goryū-no-tsubone was a woman who lived during the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.  Her real name was Shin.  She was the second daughter of Mōri Motonari and formal wife of Shishido Takaie.  In addition to Goryū-no-tsubone, she was also referred to as Goryū, Goryūhime, Goryū-no-kata, and Go.

In 1529, Goryū-no-tsubone was born as the second daughter of Mōri Motonari (the sengoku daimyō of the Chūgoku Region) at Tajihi-Sarugake Castle in Aki Province.  Her mother, Myōkyū, was the formal wife of Motonari.  She was the younger sister of Mōri Takamoto and older sister of Kikkawa Motoharu.  Takamoto’s older sister was adopted by the Takahashi clan at an early age (actually a hostage).  Later, perhaps because this sister was killed by the Takahashi at the time that Motonari decimated their clan, Goryū-no-tsubone was adored by Motonari and his wife.

In 1534, to offer new year’s greetings, Motonari visited Goryū Castle, the base of the Shishido clan, kokujin (or landowners) in Aki whose territory was adjacent to the Mōri clan.  On this occasion, a decision was made for the engagement of Goryū-no-tsubone to Shishido Takaie.

In 1547, Goryū-no-tsubone bore a son with Takaie named Motohide.  Among Takaie’s children, his eldest daughter, Tenyū-eiju wed Kōno Michinobu of Iyo Province.  His second daughter became the formal wife of the eldest son of Kikkawa Motoharu, named Motonaga.  His third daughter, Minami-no-ōkata (Seikō-in) became the formal wife of Mōri Terumoto.  These marriages contributed to the bonding of the Mōri family.  Motonari told his sons that Goryū-no-tsubone was a wonderful daughter, even if any shortcomings in judgment, should treat their younger sister with care and their brother-in-law (Shishido Takaie) as a brother.  This provided a glimpse into the relationship between father and daughter in the context of a political marriage.

Goryū-no-tsubone died from a stroke on 7/16 of 1574 at the age of forty-six.