Dota Gozen


Oda Clan

Dota Gozen

Owari Province

Dota Gozen served as a second wife of Oda Nobuhide.  The daughter of Oda Tatsukatsu was his first wife, but separated from Nobuhide.  She is also referred to as Hanaya-fujin.  She was the mother of Oda Nobunaga, Nobuyuki, Hidetaka, Nobukane, Oichi-no-kata (the formal wife of Azai Nagamasa and then Shibata Katsuie), and Oinu-no-kata (the formal wife of Saji Nobukata and then Hosokawa Akimoto).  Gozen is considered the daughter of Dota Masahisa but it is not certain.

Following the death of her husband, Nobuhide, Gozen resided in Suemori Castle with her second son, Oda Nobuyuki.  She adored the upright Nobuyuki but disliked Nobunaga owing to his foolish nature.  After Nobuyuki lost in a succession struggle against Nobunaga, she appealed to Nobunaga to forgive Nobuyuki, and Nobunaga complied.  However, Nobuyuki then attempted again to rebel against Nobunaga, whereupon Nobunaga had him killed.  Following the death of Nobuyuki, Gozen resided with Nobunaga and Oichi-no-kata, caring for their young children (Nobutada, Nobukatsu, Nobutaka, Chacha (Yodo-dono), Hatsu (Jōkōin), and Gō (Sūgenin).

After the coup d’état that resulted in the death of Nobunaga and his son, Nobutada, Gozen came under the protection of Nobukatsu and was referred to as Ōkata-dono, receiving an inheritance of 640 kan mon.  In 1590, following a change in the rank of Nobukatsu, Gozen transferred to the care of Nobukane at Anotsu Castle in Ise Province, dying early in 1594.

Gozen is generally regarded as the daughter of Dota Masahisa, a descendant of the Sasaki-Rokkaku clan, but she may have been related to the Ikoma family.  The Dota surname is associated with the Dota of the Kani District of Mino Province, while the surname with the same characters from Kiyosu in Owari Province is pronounced Tsuchida.  There is also a family with this name who served as retainers of the Rokkaku clan based in Ōmi Province.

In certain accounts, the daughter of Kojima Nobufusa is regarded as the formal wife of Nobuhide and natural mother of Nobunaga, but this may have been a second wife of Nobuhide prior to Dota Gozen (in which case Gozen would have been the daughter of Oda Tatsukatsu and the second wife after the daughter of Kojima Nobufusa).  It is uncertain whether Dota Gozen was actually the daughter of Kojima Nobufusa.  A daughter of Nobuhide named Kura-no-kata participated in a bridal processions as an adopted daughter of Kojima Nobufusa, suggesting a close relationship between Nobuhide and Nobufusa.