Location:  Straddled the Kaitō and Nakashima districts in Owari Province.

History: Built in the Eishō Period (1504-1521) by Oda Nobusada – Nobunaga’s uncle – after Nobusada pacified the Kaitō District. The castle was surrounded by double moats, with the Miyake River serving as an outer moat.

As the successor to Nobusada, Oda Nobuhide – Nobunaga’s father – moved into Nagoya castle in 1532 following its capture from Imagawa Ujitoyo.  He appointed a retainer, Mutō Kamon, as lord of Shobata.  Nobunaga was born in Shobata in 1534.  In 1555, after defeating the Yamato-no-kami branch of the Oda and capturing Kiyosu castle, Nobunaga moved his base of operations from Nagoya to Kiyosu, and ordered Mutō Kamon to the nearby Nobu castle in the Nakashima District.  Shobata castle fell into decline thereafter.