Location: The Niwa District of Owari Province near the town of Inuyama.  The castle had a square footprint 200 meters in each directions, with fortifications on the southern side, and moats on the northern and eastern sides.

HistoryBuilt in 1469 by Oda Hirochika upon orders of Shiba Yoshitoshi, shugo of Echizen and Owari provinces.  Hirochika moved there from nearby Oguchi castle.  The base in Kinoshita served as a check on Saitō Myōchin of Mino Province.  In 1537, Oda Nobuyasu rebuilt the Kenzan fort into Inuyama castle, abandoning Kinoshita in favor of the new castle.  Decades later, in 1564, Oda Nobunaga set-up camp on the grounds of the former castle to stage an attack against Oda Nobukiyo in Inuyama castle.