Location: Owari Province.

History:  Built by Oda Nobuhide in 1534 to secure the southeast portion of Owari.  He made it his home base after capturing Nagoya castle from Imagawa Ujitoyo and assigning it to Nobunaga.  Built on a plain and surrounded by a double moat, the castle stood 140 meters from east to west and 100 meters from north to south.  In 1548, retainers of Oda Nobutomo including Sakai Taizen attacked and burned the town near the castle, exploiting Nobuhide’s absence while away on an incursion in Mino.  Although the castle did not fall, Nobuhide soon built and moved to Suemori castle, abandoning the castle later that same year.  Furuwatari served as the location for Nobunaga’s Coming-of-Age ceremony.