Location: The Hekikai District of Mikawa Province.

History:  Built in 1440 by the Wada family.  The castle stood on a plateau surrounded by dense forest, protected by mounds and moats.  In 1540, Oda Nobuhide took advantage of the vulnerable state of affairs in the Matsudaira clan to attack and capture Anjō, assigning Oda Nobuhiro as its lord.  Anjō served as a main base for incursions into Mikawa.  In 1545, Matsudaira Hirotada disregarded the concerns of retainers and launched an attack to reclaim the castle.  A pincer attack by the Oda foiled this plan and Hirotada narrowly escaped to Okazaki castle.  In 1549, a contingent of 20,000 men led by Taigen Sessai, a retainer of Imagawa Yoshimoto, nearly captured Anjō only to be defeated owing to the valiant efforts of the defenders.  Imagawa Yoshimoto was slain at the battle of Okehazama in 1560.  Two years later, the Oda and Matsudaira entered into an alliance after which Anjō was abandoned, having lost its value as a forward base.