Location:  The Akechi District of Mino Province.

Features:  Mountain castle at an elevation of 530 meters; located eight kilometers southwest of Iwakura castle.  The designers took advantage of the local topography to provide natural defenses to the castle.  Located at an important crossing point for roads in all directions.

History:  During the latter part of the sengoku period, Akechi castle was regarded as one of several key mountain outposts, along with Iwamura, 阿照,  Kushihara, Naegi, and Agi located in the eastern area of Mino Province.  Provincial clans of influence included the Iwamura, the Naegi, and the Akechi.  The eastern district became a contested area variously controlled by Akiyama Torashige (a retainer of Takeda Shingen), Oda Nobutada (Nobunaga’s eldest son), and Mori Nagayoshi (a bushō under Toyotomi Hideyoshi).