Entoku was an era from 8/21 of 1489 to 7/19 of 1492 (based on the Japanese lunisolar calendar) in the Sengoku period.

During this era:

Gotsuchi-mikado served as the 103rd emperor from 1464 to 1500.

Ashikaga Yoshihisa served as the ninth shōgun and Ashikaga Yoshiki as the tenth shōgun of the Muromachi bakufu.

Key events

In 1489, a ridgepole-raising ceremony was held for Ginkakuji, the silver-gilded mountain villa at the Jishō Temple in Kyōto built in the style of the Higashiyama culture that flourished in the late Muromachi period.

Late in 1489, Mōri Jirō was killed at Ichiba Castle in the Yazu District of Inaba.  Yabe Sadatoshi and Yamana Masazane fled to the Yabe residence in Wakasa, but were surrounded by forces under Yamana Toyotoki and killed themselves at the Second Conflict of Mōri Jirō.

Notable births

In 1489, Hosokawa Sumimoto, a bushō who engaged in a decades-long struggle against Hosokawa Takakuni for control of the clan and the shogunate.

In 1489, Hosokawa Sumiyuki, an adoptee of Hosokawa Masamoto, the deputy shōgun.

In 1491, Nagano Narimasa, a bushō and lord of Minowa Castle in Kōzuke Province in the Kantō Region.

Notable deaths

In 1490, Ashikaga Yoshimasa, the eighth shōgun of the Muromachi bakufu.

In 1491, Hatakeyama Yoshihiro, the miitary governor of Kawachi, Kii, Yamashiro and Etchū provinces.

In 1491, Ashikaga Yoshimi, the son of Ashikaga Yoshinori, the sixth shōgun of the Muromachi bakufu.