Noto Tenbun Conflict


Yusa Clan

Noto Province

Nukui Clan

The Noto Tenbun Conflict occurred in Tenbun 19 (1550) in Noto Province.  This conflict arose from a power-struggle between two senior retainers of the Noto-Hatakeyama family that escalated into armed conflict including involvement by forces from outside of Noto.

In 1545, Hatakeyama Yoshitsugu succeeded his father, Hatakeyama Yoshifusa, to become the eighth head of the Noto-Hatakeyama clan.  Yoshitsugu, however, could not effectively control his band of retainers, and a power-struggle arose between two senior retainers of the clan, namely, Yusa Tsugumitsu and Nukui Fusasada.

Tsugumitsu called upon forces from outside of Noto for support so it turned into a large-scale battle.  A portion of Nanao Castle burned down as a result of weapons fire in the midst of a fierce clash.  In the end, Fusasada prevailed while Tsugumitsu fled outside of the province.  Thereafter, the Nukui held a grip on the governing authority of the Noto-Hatakeyama clan, relegating Yoshitsugu to the role of a puppet leader.

In 1551, Yoshitsugu took responsibility for the situation by transferring headship of the clan to his eldest son, Hatakeyama Yoshitsuna, and retiring.  Thereafter, he served as a guardian of Yoshitsuna.

Previously, according to historical accounts, this was known as the Battle of Ishizuka in 1543, but, based on recent research, it was revised to 1550.