Burning of Sakai


Toyotomi Clan

Izumi Province

Edo Bakufu (Tokugawa)


The Burning of Sakai occurred on 4/28 of Keichō 20 (1615) in Sakai in Izumi Province.  This was one of the events comprising the Summer Campaign of the Siege of Ōsaka between the Toyotomi family and the Edo bakufu.  In this raid, Ōno Harutane, a bushō and retainer of the Toyotomi, burned down Sakai as retribution for cooperation by their residents with the Tokugawa family.  As many as 20,000 residences were destroyed.  After the attack, the Edo bakufu made efforts to rebuild Sakai but the municipality struggled to regain its former prosperity.

In the wake of a battle on 5/7, Harutane aimed to flee from Ōsaka Castle but, on 5/21, was captured by Tokugawa forces in Kyōto.  After learning of the capture of Harutane, residents of Sakai who suffered losses in the burning made an appeal to Itakura Katsushige, the Kyōto shoshidai, or head of security, citing a case toward the end of the Heian period when Taira no Shigehira was turned over to residents of Nara after a similar attack there.  Katsushige consented to their request, and after Harutane was turned over to them, on 6/27, he was burned at the stake in Sakai.  Katsushige did not, however, take lightly their vigilante justice, and scorned them by asking whether the residents of Nara did the same to Shigehira.