Noguchi Fuyunaga


Noguchi Clan


Awaji Province

Lifespan:  Unknown to Tenbun 22 (1553)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Noguchi

Bakufu: Muromachi

Lord:  Miyoshi Nagayoshi

Father:  Miyoshi Motonaga

Siblings:  Miyoshi Nagayoshi, Miyoshi Jikkyū, Aatagi Fuyuyasu, Sogō Kazumasa, Fuyunaga, sister (wife of Ogasawara Narisuke), sister (wife of Ogasawara Mototake), sister (wife of Ōnishi Yoritake), sister (wife of Akutagawa Magojūrō)

Children:  Nagamune (may have been grandson)

Noguchi Fuyunaga served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  He was a retainer of the Miyoshi clan.

Fuyunaga was born as the fifth son of Miyoshi Motonaga.

Fuyunaga was adopted into the Noguchi clan based in Shichi in Awaji Province and inherited the headship of the family.  He was given responsibility to serve as a go-between Honshū and Shikoku over an area extending from Harima Province to the east of Sanuki Province.  In 1553, however, a coup d’état launched by his older brother, Miyoshi Jikkyū, that resulted in the death of his lord, Hosokawa Mochitaka, enraged Mochitaka’s retainers.  This led to the Battle of Yariba during which Fuyunaga was killed in action.

Perhaps because Fuyunaga was still young when he died, there is a lack of material concerning his activities.  In records of the Miyoshi family, Sogō Kazumasa is noted as the youngest brother, while Fuyunaga does not often appear in the accounts.  In many of the sources, there is no reference to him at all, nor can his name be confirmed in family genealogies associated with these sources.

Fuyunaga’s son (or grandson), Noguchi Nagamune was the lord of Sichi Castle in Awaji.  Although ousted by the Miyoshi clan, in 1581, he abided by the Pacification of Awaji by Hashiba Hideyoshi, reclaiming his former territory.

In one account, Fuyunaga is referred to with the name of Wakasa-no-kami.  In the same era and location, there was another individual named Kan Wakasa-no-kami, but he was the second son of Kan Michinaga opposed to the Miyoshi clan during the Invasion of Shikoku and, although a member of the Noguchi clan, not directly related to Fuyunaga.