Mitsuki Naoyori


Mitsuki Clan


Hida Province

Lifespan:  Meiō 6 (1497) to 6/14 of Tenbun 23 (1554)

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Junior Fifth Rank (Lower), Governor of Yamato, Chief of Palace Guards of the Right Division

Clan:  Mitsuki

Father:  Mitsuki Shigeyori

Siblings:  Yoshimitsu, Naoyori, Sasaki Tomonori, Takatsugu

Wife:  Nagahashi-no-tsubone

Children:  Yoshiyori (Anekōji Tsuguyori), 真證, Yorikazu, Muneyuki, Naohiro, Hisayori

Mitsuki Naoyori served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  Naoyori was the head of the Hida-Mitsuki clan and father of Anekōji Tsuguyori.

The Mitsuki clan serving as the deputy military governors of Hida Province is surmised to have originated from the Taga clan (members of the Sasaki clan with a familial relationship to the Kyōgoku clan serving as the military governors of Hida) or from the Fujiwara clan.  According to one account, Naoyori’s father was Mitsuki Shigeyori, but, based on genealogical records, it was Mitsuki Tsunayoshi.  This may have been the same individual.  In any event, there are many uncertainties concerning the Mitsuki clan prior to the era of Naoyori.

Originally, the Mitsuki were kokujin, or provincial landowners, in Hida.  In the Muromachi period, clashes occurred between the Kyōgoku clan (the military governors) and the Anekōji family, which were also beset by internal strife.  The Mitsuki clan took advantage of this period of instability to build a power base by joining forces with the Toki clan of neighboring Mino Province.  Eventually, the clan conquered the southern half of Hida, establishing the foundation for the Mitsuki to become a sengoku daimyō family.  Later, the Mitsuki were requested by Toki Yoriaki to send reinforcements, clashed with the Kiso clan of Shinano, and extended their influence into surrounding provinces.

In his later years, Naoyori came into conflict with Ema Tokitsune, a kokujin governing northern Hida, in a contest for control of the entire province.  After the death of Tokitsune, Naoyori reconciled with the Ema clan.

Naoyori is known for constructing Sakurabora Castle in the Mashita District of Hida.

The Zenshō Temple served as the family temple.