Hatano Tanemichi


Hatano Clan


Tanba Province

Lifespan:  Meiō 5 (1496) to Kyōroku 3 (1530)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Hatano

Bakufu:   Muromachi bakufu, hyōjōshū 

Father:  Hatano Hidenaga

Siblings:  Tanemichi, Yanagimoto Kataharu, Kōzai Motomori

Children:  Motohide, Harumichi, daughter (formal wife of Miyoshi Nagayoshi)

Hatano Tanemichi served as a bushō and member of an influential family in the western portion of Tanba Province.

Tanemichi was born the son of Hatano Hidenaga.  He received one of the characters in his name from Ashikaga Yoshitane, then tenth shōgun.  Initially, he became a disciple of Senpo Hisato, and adopted the name of Yōken, but, at the age of fifteen, he inherited the role as the head of the Hatano family and reverted to secular life.

The Hatano were the only kokujin, or influential landowners, in the western part of Tanba Province.  Tanemichi was known as an intelligent and brave warrior and built Yakami Castle.  Tanemichi repelled the Sakai clan of the Taki District at the Battle of Sakai and the Nagasawa clan at the Battle of Fukutokuki Temple.  As a result, he successively brought influential families such as the Sakai and Nagasawa under his command, elevating the Hatano clan to the status of a sengoku daimyō family.  Having earned the trust of Hosokawa Takakuni, in 1507, Kōzai Motomori (Tanemichi’s second youngest brother) succeeded Kōzai Motonaga (a retainer of the Hosokawa) as the head of the Kōzai clan, while, in 1520, Yanagimoto Kataharu (Tanemichi’s third youngest brother) succeeded Yanagimoto Nagaharu as the head of the Yanagimoto clan.

Nevertheless, in 1526, Takakuni killed Motomori on the basis of slander by Hosokawa Tadakata.  Tanemichi then joined his other younger brother, Kataharu, to rebel and drive the Hosokawa out of Tanba, unifying the province under their control.  In 1527, the combined forces of Tanemichi and Hosokawa Sumimoto defeated Takakuni and the bakufu army at the Battle of Katsurakawara.  In 1531, Tanemichi, along with Miyoshi Motonaga and others, participated in the Collapse in Daimotsu, a battle that led to the capture and death of Takakuni at a time when Takakuni held the most power in his role as deputy shōgun of the Muromachi bakufu. Hosokawa Harumoto recognized Tanemichi’s ability, assigning him to be a member of the hyōjōshū, an honorary role within the highest organs of the bakufu.