Hamada Kagetaka


Hamada Clan


Mutsu Province

Hamada Kagetaka served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  He served Date Masamune and held the title of Governor of Izu.  His father was Hamada Munekage and his wife a daughter of the Matsuda clan.  Kagetaka was in the fifteenth generation of the Hamada family.  The Hamada originated from the Fujiwara clan.

The Hamada clan held territory in the Date District of Mutsu Province and the Okitama District of Dewa Province.  Kagetaka served as the lord of Ipponyanagi Castle with a fief of 5,000 koku while the Hamada family resided in the area.  Kagetaka enjoyed the trust of Masamune at the Battle of Suriagehara and the Battle of Hitotoribashi, and, along with Rusu Masakage and Izumida Shigemitsu, frequently served as Masamune’s representative in conflicts such as the Battle of Nakashinden and the Battle of Nihonmatsu.  However, in the Kasai-Ōsaki Uprising, he was shot during an attack on Miyazaki Castle in the Kami District and died in action at the age of thirty-eight.

Kagetaka’s eldest son was Shirō-heibei Kagekuni.  He had a fief of 4,000 koku.  While in Ōsaka, although he brought the head of an enemy commander, he fell out of favor with Masamune and fled.