Toki Yorizumi


Toki Clan

Mino Province

Toki Yorizumi

Lifespan:  Daiei 4 (1524) to 11/17 of Tenbun 16 (1547)

Other Names:  Masayori, Jirō (common)

Rank:  shugo daimyō

Clan:  Toki

Bakufu:  Muromachi – Military Governor of Mino

Father:  Toki Yoritake

Mother:  Daughter of Asakura Sadakage

Wife:  [Formal]  Daughter of Saitō Dōsan

Toki Yorizumi served as a shugo daimyō of Mino Province during the Sengoku period.

In 1524, Yorizumi was born as the designated heir of Toki Yoritake.

After the death of Yoritake, from his base at Ōga Castle, Yorizumi confronted Toki Yoriaki (Yorizumi’s uncle and the military governor of Mino) and Saitō Dōsan.  In 1536, Rokkaku Sadayori of Ōmi Province abandoned his alliance with Yorizumi in favor of Yoriaki.  Meanwhile, Saitō Toshishige, the deputy military governor, through the offices of Sadayori, also aligned with Yoriaki.  Consequently, Yorizumi’s standing weakened.

In the first month of 1539, a settlement was reached with Yoriaki.  This, however, proved to be only transitory, and, in the background, Dōsan continued to lure others against Yorizumi.  From the seventh month of 1543, ancillary castles to Ōga Castle, including Ikoyama and Beppu castles were toppled, followed by Ōga itself.  Yorizumi went into exile at the original home of his mother with the Asakura clan in Echizen Province.

In the eighth month of 1544, Yorizumi, with the support of Asakura Takakage of Echizen and Oda Nobuhide of Owari Province planned to invade Mino from the south and west.  In the sixth month, however, Dōsan is said to have learned of the plans for this invasion.  With Asakura Sōteki (Norikage) serving as the commanding general, the Asakura army of 7,000 troops headed south from the valley of Tokuyama and, on 9/19, clashed with the Saitō army at Akasaka.  This cut-off the lines of communication to the Rokkaku.  Meanwhile, the Oda army launched a frontal assault against Dōsan while holed-up at Inabayama Castle, burning the area below the castle.  With the Asakura approaching from the west, Dōsan settled.  As a condition of settlement with the Oda, Dōsan agreed for his daughter, Nōhime, to wed Oda Nobunaga.  Meanwhile, with respect to the Toki clan, Dōsan agreed that Yoriaki would enter Kitagata Castle and Yorizumi would enter Kawate Castle and the Asakura would return to their home base in Echizen.

In the autumn of 1546, Yorizumi reached a further settlement with Yoriaki and Dōsan.  This owed to appeals by Asakura Takakage and Oda Nobuhide to the Muromachi bakufu as well as mediation by Yoriaki’s ally, Rokkaku Sadayori.  In the ninth month, Yorizumi passed-through Bodaisan Castle and entered Ōga Castle.  Conditions of the settlement included the retirement of Yoriaki and the assumption by Yorizumi of the position as military governor of Mino.  Moreover, Yorizumi wed one of Dōsan’s daughters.

Nevertheless, on 11/17 of Tenbun 16 (1547), one year after becoming the military governor, Yorizumi suddenly died at the age of twenty-four.  It is surmised that he may have been murdered through the artifice of Dōsan, but there are no formal records so it cannot be determined.

According to the records of the Toki genealogy, Yorizumi died at the age of forty-nine.  His father, Yoritake, is said to have also used the name of Yorizumi and Yoritake died around the age of forty-nine so this may be in reference to his father.