Tamura Takaaki


Tamura Clan

Sengoku Daimyō

Mutsu Province

Lifespan:  15xx to 9/6 of Tenshō 2 (1574)

Rank:  bushō, sengoku daimyō

Clan:  Tamura

Father:  Tamura Yoshiaki

Siblings:  Takaaki, Akimori, Yukiaki

Wife:  Daughter of Date Tanemune

Children:  Kiyoaki, Ujiaki, daughter (wife of Ishikawa Tanemitsu)

Tamura Takaaki served as a bushō and sengoku daimyō in Mutsu Province during the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.  Takaaki was the twenty-fourth head of the Tamura clan.

Takaaki was born as the lineal heir of Tamura Yoshiaki, a sengoku daimyō and the twenty-third head of the Tamura.  In 1532, Yoshiaki transferred headship of the clan to Takaaki and retired.

In the era of Takaaki, the Tamura were under pressure from other powerful clans in their region, including the Sōma, the Iwaki, the Satake, and the Ashina.  In 1541, after Takaaki attacked the Itō clan in the Asaka District, his forces then clashed with the Date.  Takaaki was married to the daughter of Date Tanemune.  Meanwhile, Tanemune’s son-in-law, Sōma Akitane, intervened and the two sides settled.  Takaaki agreed to gift a portion of his territory and submit to the Date while the Date promised to readily provide military support to the Tamura.

During the power-struggle between Date Tanemune and his son, Date Harumune, known as the Tenbun Conflict, Takaaki affiliated with the faction supporting Tanemune.  In 1547, maneuvering by the faction backing Harumune triggered conflict within the Date clan.  Takaaki attempted to mediate a peace between Tanemune and Harumune, but failed.

That same year, discord arose between Tanemune’s supporters and Ashina Moriuji of Aizu.  Moriuji switched his support to Harumune and, after the end of the conflict, in 1549, received the daughter of Sōma Akitane (who backed Tanemune) as the formal wife of Moriuji’s lineal heir, Ashina Kiyoaki, thereby creating a political alliance with the Sōma clan and ending past anxieties.  Owing to the Tenbun Conflict, as the Date clan experienced a temporary decline in power, his subordinate relationship in fact dissolved and he regained a degree of autonomy.

Takaaki excelled at diplomatic affairs, demonstrating versatility in collaborating with other clans.  In addition to his relationship with the Date, in 1560, he joined with the Satake to attack the Ashina.  Meanwhile, in 1572, when the Satake attacked, he joined forces with the Ashina to repel them.  While a small-scale landowner, he was an exceptional bushō.