Reizei Tamekazu


Reizei Clan


Suruga Province

Lifespan:  Bunmei 18 (1486) to 7/23 of 7/10 of Tenbun 18 (1549)

Rank:  Noble, poet

Title:  Junior Second Rank and Provisional Chief Councilor of State 

Clan:  Reizei

Father:  Reizei Tamehiro

Siblings:  Tamekazu, Ōyū, Sonshun, Kōga, sister (wife of a member of the shōgun family)

Children:  Tamemasu, Myōyū, Hirohashi Kanesada

Reizei Tamekazu was a noble and poet in Japan during the Sengoku period.  He held the title of Provisional Chief Councilor of State and Senior Second Rank.  He was the seventh head of the Upper Reizei family.

Tamekazu was born as the son of Reizei Tamehiro.  Tamekazu traveled from the capital to Suruga, Noto, and Ōmi provinces.  He maintained deep ties to the Imagawa clan who governed certain territories for generations.  He stayed for the longest period of his life in Sunpu and was permitted by the Imagawa clan to use the Imagawa surname.  Upon request of the Imagawa, he was permitted to stay in the territories of the Gohōjō clan of Sagami Province and the Takeda clan of Kai Province.  Tamekazu served as a leader of poetry circles in the areas where he resided.  In 1537, the Imagawa formed an alliance with the Kai-Takeda clan to oppose the Gohōjō.  This is known as the Katō War.  Thereafter, Tamekazu frequently traveled back and forth between Suruga and Kai provinces.  He is surmised to have served in the capacity of a diplomatic envoy on behalf of the Imagawa clan.

In 1548, Tamekazu entered the priesthood in Suruga Province and, in 1549, died and was buried in the same province.  He was succeeded by his son, Reizei Tamemasu.

A compilation of his poems has been published.