Reizei Tamehiro


Reizei Clan


Yamashiro Province

Lifespan:  Hōtoku 2 (1450) to 7/23 of Daiei 6 (1526)

Name Changes:  Tamehiro → Sōsei

Rank:  Noble, poet

Title:  Senior Second Rank and Provisional Chief Councilor of State

Clan:  Reizei

Lord:  Ashikaga Yoshizumi

Father:  Reizei Tametomi

Wife:  Daughter of Tanba Shigenaga

Children:  Tamekazu, Ōyū, Sonshun, Kōga, daughter (wife of a member of the shōgun family)

Reizei Tamehiro was a noble and poet in Japan from the late-Muromachi to Sengoku periods.

Tamehiro was born as the son of Reizei Tametomi, the Provisional Chief Councilor of State.  Tamehiro held the same title with the Senior Second Rank.  He was the sixth head of the Upper Reizei family.  

In 1477, Tamehiro was invested with the Junior Third Rank.  In 1501, he was promoted to the Senior Second Rank.  In 1506, he was conferred the title of Provisional Councilor of State and Minister of Popular Affairs.  He served as a member of the shōbanshū for Ashikaga Yoshizumi (the eleventh shōgun of the Muromachi bakufu).  The shōbanshū comprised the personal retinue of the shōgun to arrange banquets and host visitors to the shōgun’s palace.

In 1508, after Yoshizumi was ousted from his position as shōgun, Tamehiro entered the priesthood and adopted the monk’s name of Sōsei.

Tamehiro had very close relations with the Noto-Hatakeyama clan, the military governors of Noto Province.  Tamehiro stayed in Noto for a long time and after his death was buried in the same province.  He was succeeded by his eldest son, Reizei Tamekazu.

There are several compilations of his poems.