Asukai Masatsuna


Asukai Clan



Lifespan:  Chōkyō 3 (1489) to Genki 2 (1571)

Rank:  kugyō (a senior official of the Imperial Court)

Title:  Junior First Rank, Provisional Chief Councilor of State

Clan:  Asukai

Lord:  Emperor Gonara

Father:  Asukai Masatoshi

Mother:  Daughter of Hachiman Kengyō Narikiyo Hōin (= High Priest and Administrator of the Hachiman Shrine)

Siblings:  Masatsuna, Yukimasa

Wife:  Daughter of Tanba Chikayasu

Children: (see Wiki site)

Asukai Masatsuna served as an official in the highest organs of the Court under Emperor Gonara, holding the official titles of Junior First Rank and Provisional Chief Councilor of State.  Masatsuna was the son of Asukai Masatoshi.  Masatsuna further served as the tenth head of the Asukai family.  He was one of the originators of kemari, a sporting event by which participants competed by kicking a deer-skin ball at a fixed height with the aim of having the most kicks in succession.  Masatsuna received an invitation from Oda Nobuhide to hold kemari events at Shobata and Kiyosu castles in Owari Province.  He had many followers of the sport.  Masatsuna also served in the official role as intermediary for military families seeking to petition Emperor Gonara on various matters.  He entered the priesthood in 1563.