Shimotsuma Nakaharu


Shimotsuma Clan


Lifespan:  Tenshō 13 (1585) to 11/19 of Shōhō 3 (1646)

Other Names:  Toratoshi (childhood), Gen-no-jō, Shōyū, Gyōbukyō

Rank:  monk

Clan:  Shimotsuma

Father:  Shimotsuma Rairen

Siblings:  Rairyō, Munekiyo, Nakaharu

Children:  Nakatora

Shimotsuma Nakaharu served as a monk during the Edo period.  He was a retainer of the Nishi-Hongan Temple.

Nakaharu was born as the third son of Shimotsuma Rairen, a bushō and monk.

From 1600, Nakaharu entered service for the Hongan Temple as a sōsha, or messenger.  In 1602, during the split of the Hongan Temple between eastern and western branches, Nakaharu followed Junnyo, the high priest of the Nishi-Hongan Temple.  Beginning in 1604, he received successively higher titles including, in 1637, the most elevated title of hōin, or high priest.

In 1646, he died at the age of sixty-two and was succeeded by his son, Shimotsuma Nakatora.

The lineage of Nakaharu is commonly referred to as the Gyōbukyō family (after the monk’s name of his father).  As a branch of the Shimotsuma clan, the members of this family served the Nishi-Hongan Temple for generations.