Gesshū Jukei


Nanzen Temple


Ōmi Province

Gesshū Jukei (1470-1533) served as a monk in the Rinzai sect during the latter part of the Muromachi period and early part of the Sengoku period.  Jukei originated from Ōmi Province.  He became a monk under Shōchū Shōtan of the Genjū branch at the Ryogon Temple in Isono in Ōmi.  Jukei then succeeded him as head of the branch.  The Asakura clan invited Jukei to visit, where he resided in the Zenō and Kōshō temples.  During the Meiō era (1492-1501), he moved to the Ganjō Temple in Tanba Province to avoid battles.  During this time, he traveled to Kyōto to pursue his literary studies and to spend time with monks from high-ranking temples in Kyōto and Nara for the Rinzai sect known as the gozan, or Five Mountain System.  In 1510, Jukei was appointed as the head priest at the Kennin Temple in Kyōto.  Thereafter, he served as head of the Nanzen Temple, the highest-ranking temple in the gozan.  In his later years, he returned to the Kennin Temple, building a residence and continuing his literary pursuits.