Dairin Sōtō


Daitoku Temple



Dairin Sōtō was a monk and tea practitioner during the Sengoku period.  He was affiliated with the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism and served as the ninetieth-generation head of the Daitoku Temple in Kyōto.   He lived from Bunmei 12 (1480) to 1/27 of Eiroku 11 (1568).

Sōtō received from Emperor Gonara a certification reserved for high-ranking Zen monks honored by the Imperial Court as well as the posthumous name of Shōkaku from Emperor Ōgimachi based on the deeds performed in his lifetime.

Upon request of Miyoshi Nagayoshi, he founded the Nanzen Temple in Sakai to serve as the family temple for the Miyoshi clan.  Takeno Jōou inherited the dharma from Sōtō and, beginning with members of the Miyoshi family, he provided indoctrination to many residents of Sakai, including, Kitamuki Dōchin, Asaino Sōzui, Sen no Rikyū, and Tsuda Sōkyū, among others.