Oda Shigeharu


Oda Clan


Hitachi Province

Lifespan:  6/22 of Bunan 6 (1449) to 4/21 of Eishō 11 (1514)

Other Names:  亀房丸 (childhood)

Title:  Junior Fourth Rank (Upper), Lieutenant General of Imperial Guards for the Left Division, Governor of Awa, Chief of Outer Palace Guards for the Left Division

Clan:  Oda

Father:  Oda Tomohisa

Wife:  Daughter of Sugaya Sadatsugu

Children:  Oda Harutaka, Oda Akiie (Hōjō Akiie), Okami Yoshiharu, daughter (consort of Utsunomiya Shigetsuna), daughter (wife of Satake Yoshiatsu)

Adopted Children:  Oda Masaharu (may have been a natural son)

Oda Shigeharu was an individual during the Sengoku period.  He served as the twelfth lord of the Oda clan of Hitachi Province.

Shigeharu was born as the son of Oda Tomohisa.

In 1455, following the death of Tomohisa, Shigeharu inherited the headship of the clan.  Owing to his youth at the time of succession, Shigeharu’s grandfather, Oda Mochiie, raised him and served as his guardian.

During the Kyōtoku War, Shigeharu supported the Koga kubō.  Later, in the Chōkyō Conflict, he aligned with the Ōgigayatsu-Uesugi clan.  Shigeharu came into conflict with the neighboring Edo clan in addition to the Daijō and Edozaki-Toki clans to maintain his power, but owing to challenges including a succession struggle between his eldest son, Oda Harutaka, and his second son, Oda Akiie, Shigeharu experienced trouble during the latter half of his governance.

Shigeharu was succeeded by Oda Masaharu who was either a natural son or else adopted from Ashikaga Masatomo.