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Ninagawa Chikamoto


Ninagawa Chikamoto was a poet and administrator of the Muromachi bakufu during the late-Muromachi period.

During the era of Ashikaga Yoshimasa (the eighth shōgun) and Ashikaga Yoshihisa (the ninth shōgun), Chikamoto served as the deputy director of the mandokoro, the organ of the Muromachi bakufu for the adjudication of claims regarding finances and territory.

Chikamoto was born as the son of Ninagawa Shinemon Chikamasa (Chiun).  His monk’s name was Fuhaku.  For generations, the head of the Ninagawa clan used the name of Shinemon-no-jō.  Chikamoto had a son named Ninagawa Chikataka.

Chikamoto served Ise Sadachika and Ise Sadamune (father and son) who were successive directors of the mandokoro.  In the eighth month of 1473, Chikamoto was appointed as the deputy director of the mandokoro in charge of the assets of the shōgun family.

Chikamoto was known for his calligraphy skills and was conversant in the culture of military families.  His writings are contained in the Diary of Chikamoto.