Itō Sukemichi「伊藤祐道」

Itō Sukemichi (1563-1615) served as a merchant under Oda Nobunaga.  Sukemichi was the son of Itō Ranmaru Sukehiro, a servant of Nobunaga.  Sukemichi also adopted the name of Ranmaru.

In 1611, Sukemichi moved from Kiyosu to Nagoya in connection with a large-scale migration of the city of Kiyosu to Nagoya accompanying the construction of Nagoya Castle from 1612 to 1616.  After this move, he changed his name to Minamoto Saemon and opened a dry goods store in the town.  Saemon deployed for the Summer Campaign of Ōsaka in 1615.  After he died fighting for the Toyotomi, the shop closed until an heir, Itō Sukemoto, re-started the business in the Chayamachi area of Nagoya in 1659.  This was the predecessor to the Matsuzaka store.  At his coming-of-age ceremony, Sukemoto adopted the name of Jirō Saemon while the household was known as the Itō Jirō Saemon family.