Seven Spears of Azukizaka


Oda Clan


Mikawa Province

The Seven Spears of Azukizaka refers to seven bushō from the Oda clan recognized for their valor at the First Battle of Azukizaka waged between the Oda and Imagawa armies on 8/10 of Tenbun 11 (1542).  As Oda Nobuhide led a large army from western Mikawa, Imagawa Yoshimoto sought to prevent their further advance by approaching with his own army from the eastern portion of the province.  The violent clash occurred at Azukizaka to the southeast of Okazaki Castle in the Nukata District of Mikawa ending in victory for the Oda.  Notwithstanding the achievements of the Oda forces at this First Battle of Azukizaka, on 3/19 of Tenbun 17 (1548), at the Second Battle of Azukizaka, Nobunaga suffered a major defeat in a subsequent clash in the same locale against the combined forces of the Imagawa and Matsudaira.

Those honored as the Seven Spears of Azukizaka included:

  • Oda Nobumitsu
  • Oda Nobufusa
  • Okada Shigeyoshi
  • Sassa Masatsugu
  • Sassa Magosuke
  • Nakano Kazuyasu
  • Shimokata Sadakiyo