Four Divine Kings of the Yamana


Kakiya Clan

Tainoshō Clan

Yagi Clan

Ōtagaki Clan

The Four Divine Kings of the Yamana refers collectively to the heads of four prominent clans in Tajima Province serving the Yamana clan from the Muromachi to Sengoku periods.  The clans included the Kakiya, the Tainoshō, the Yagi, and the Ōtagaki.  During the Sengoku period, the four lords included Kakiya Tsugunari, Tainoshō Koreyoshi, Yagi Toyonobu, and Ōtagaki Terunobu.  Accompanying the decline of the Yamana clan, these clans increasingly demonstrated their independence.  As the Mōri to the west and the Oda to the east gained prominence, the clans split into rival factions and clashed against one another.  In 1570, after joining the Oda faction, Koreyoshi launched a surprise attack and killed Tsugunari of the Mōri faction.  This served to accelerate the decline of the Yamana clan.