Yamana Nobutoyo


Yamana Clan


Tajima Province

Lifespan:  Meiō 2 (1493) to 3/14 of Daiei 8 (1528)

Rank:  bushō, daimyō

Clan:  Tajima-Yamana

Bakufu:  Muromachi – military governor of Tajima and Bingo

Father:  Yamana Masatoyo

Siblings:  Tsunetoyo, Toshitoyo, Okitoyo, Nobutoyo

Adopted Children:  Suketoyo (the natural son of Okitoyo)

Yamana Nobutoyo served as a bushō and daimyō during the Sengoku period.  He served as the military governor of Tajima and Bingo provinces.

In 1493, Nobutoyo was born as the fourth son of Yamana Masatoyo, a bushō, shugo daimyō, and the military governor of Yamashiro, Aki, Tajima, and Bingo provinces.  Masatoyo was the successor to Yamana Sōzen, the commander-in-chief of the Western Army during the Ōnin-Bunmei War.

After Nobutoyo’s second eldest brother, Yamana Toshitoyo, was removed from the line of succession, Nobutoyo’s father designated Nobutoyo’s next eldest brother, Yamana Okitoyo, to become his successor.  In 1512, however, the Kakiya clan (deputy military governors of Tajima) led a revolt by an influential group of kokujin, or provincial landowners, comprised of the Kakiya, the Tainoshō, the Yagi, and the Ōtagaki known collectively as the Four Divine Kings of the Yamana.  This group backed Nobutoyo in lieu of Okitoyo, enabling Nobutoyo to inherit the headship of the main branch of the Yamana clan and the position as the military governor of Tajima and Bingo.

In 1522, Nobutoyo took advantage of internal conflict in the Uragami clan of Harima to invade the province with the aim of expanding his territory.  In the eleventh month of 1523, however, he was defeated and pulled-back.  He then adopted his nephew, Yamana Suketoyo (the natural son of Okitoyo).

In 1528, Nobutoyo died and the headship of the Yamana clan was inherited by Suketoyo.