Sugiwaka Mushin


Sugiwaka Clan


Echizen Province

Lifespan:  15xx to 16xx

Rank:  bushō, daimyō

Clan:  Sugiwaka

Lord:  Toyotomi Hidenaga → Toyotomi Hideyasu

Children:  Ujimune, daughter (wife of Niwa Nagahide and mother of Tōdō Takayoshi), daughter (wife of Jinbō Sukeshige), daughter (wife of Hirohashi Fusamitsu)

Sugiwaka Mushin served as a bushō and daimyō during the Azuchi-Momoyama period.  He used the names of Tōshichi and Echigo-no-kami.  Mushin served as a senior retainer of Toyotomi Hidenaga and Toyotomi Hideyasu.

Mushin originated from Echizen Province as a retainer of the Asakura clan.  In 1585, he served in the Conquest of Kishū led by Hashiba Hideyoshi, participating under Hashiba Hidenaga in an attack against Yukawa Naoharu at Hayatomari Castle (Tomariyama Castle) in Kii Province.  After the war, Mushin became a landowner in Tanabe in Kii, based at Hayatomari Castle.  In 1590, he constructed Uenoyama Castle to serve as a new base and developed the town below the castle.  During the Bunroku era (1592 to 1595), he transferred headship of the clan to his son, Sugiwaka Ujimune.  After the death of Hideyasu, he became a direct retainer of Hideyoshi with a fief of 19,000 koku.

At the Bunroku Campaign on the Korean Peninsula, Ujimune commanded a ship and led a battalion of 650 soldiers.   In 1600, at the Battle of Sekigahara, Mushin joined Ujimune in the Western Army and, after the defeat, was removed from his position.  Thereafter, he resided in Kyōto and, until around 1602, maintained relations with nobles in the capital.