Inaba Michishige


Inaba Clan


Mino Province

Lifespan:  Unknown to sixth month of Genna 4 (1618)

Rank:  bushō; daimyō

Title: Governor of Kai

Bakufu:  Edo

Clan:  Inaba

Father:  Inaba Shigemichi

Mother:  Daughter of Yoshida Jōchū

Siblings:  Makimura Toshisada, Michishige, Michitō, sister (formal wife of Inaba Masanari), Itchū

Inaba Michishige served as a bushō and daimyō during the Azuchi-Momoyama and early Edo periods.  In the Edo period, Michishige was the lord of the Kiyomizu domain in Mino.  He had the common name of Shinzaemon and the title of Governor of Kai.

Michishige was the son of Inaba Shigemichi.  In 1598, his father died so Michishige inherited the family.  In 1600, at the Battle of Sekigahara, Michishige and his uncle, Inaba Sadamichi, joined the Western Army, but later switched sides to the Eastern Army.  As a result, after the war, the bakufu recognized the rights to his landholdings.

In the twelfth month of 1607, Michishige, along with Amano Katsumitsu and Tsuda Nobunari, went out for entertainment in the Gion District of Kyōto.  In the course of their drunken carousing, they forced seven or eight women from well-to-do establishments including the Chaya-shirōjirō dress shop and the gold appraisal business of Gotō Shōzaburō, to drink saké in a tea house.  They then tied-up workers from the Gotō business to a tree and brandished swords while threatening to cut them up.  Consequently, the Edo bakufu ordered them to be removed from their positions and banished to the Tsukuba District in Hitachi Province.  This resulted in the abolition of the Kiyomizu domain.

In the sixth month of 1618, Michishige died in his place of exile in Tsukuba.  His eldest son, Inaba Michikatsu, became a retainer of Inaba Masakatsu from the same family.  The mother of Masakatsu was Kasuga-no-tsubone (who was an adopted daughter of Inaba Shigemichi), so, in terms of genealogy, Masakatsu was a cousin of Michishige.