Aochi Yoemon


Aochi Clan


Ōmi Province

Aochi Yoemon was a wrestler in Ōmi Province during the Sengoku period. Although not certain, Yoemon is believed to have originated from the Aochi clan, a military family in Ōmi.

In 1570, Yoemon prevailed in a sumō contest against Namazue Mataichirō held by Oda Nobunaga at the Jōraku Temple.  After the contest, Nobunaga presented the wrestlers with long- and short-swords wrapped in ceremonial decorations as gifts.  Thereafter, the men served under Nobunaga as officials at a sumō event held at Azuchi Castle.  Skilled at horse-training, Yoemon demonstrated how to ride an untamed horse in front of Nobunaga.  He also participated as a stable master during the Kyōto Mounted Horse Parade.