Bessho Yasuharu「別所安治」


Harima Province

Bessho Clan

Lifespan: 1532-1570

Rank:  bushō and head of the Bessho clan

Clan:  Bessho

Father:  Bessho Nariharu

Siblings: Yasuharu, Yoshichika, Shigemune, wife of Ōgo Sadanori

Children:  Nagaharu, Tomoyuki, Harusada

Bessho Yasuharu served as a bushō and head of the Bessho clan in eastern Harima Province.

In 1556, Yasuharu inherited the clan from his father, Bessho Nariharu.  Similar to Nariharu, Yasuharu exhibited military prowess, repelling attacks by the Miyoshi and expanding the influence of the Bessho in eastern Harima.  When Akamatsu Yoshisuke engaged in battle against his son, Yasuharu offered protection to Yoshisuke at his base at Miki Castle.  He supported the march by Oda Nobunaga upon Kyōto by dispatching his younger brother, Bessho Shigemune, to fight against the Miyoshi clan.  Yasuharu provided support after Ashikaga Yoshiaki, the fifteenth shōgun, incurred an attack by the Miyoshi sanninshū, or Group of Three, for which he received commendation from Nobunaga.