Bessho Harusada「別所治定」


Harima Province

Bessho Clan

Lifespan: 1561-1579

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Bessho

Father:  Bessho Yasuharu

Siblings:  Nagaharu, Tomoyuki, Harusada

Bessho Harusada served as a bushō of the Bessho clan in eastern Harima Province.

Harusada was a member of the vanguard of Bessho forces, often assigned to conduct ambushes.  In 1579, upon orders from his older brother, Bessho Nagaharu, Harusada and his uncle, Bessho Yoshichika, led eight-hundred soldiers to launch a surprise attack against forces under the command of Hashiba Hideyoshi at Mount Hirai.  This attack failed and Harusada was killed in action by a retainer of the Hashiba named Higuchi Masakane.