Awaya Narikata


Awaya Clan


Bitchū Province

Lifespan:  15xx to 4/10 of Tenshō 20 (1592)

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Secretary of the Bureau of Carpentry, Governor of Bungo

Clan:  Awaya (descended from the Seiwa Minamoto no Yoshimitsu family)

Lord:  Mōri Motonari → Mōri Takamoto → Mōri Terumoto

Father:  Awaya Motoshige

Children:  Motosuke, Gobei

Awaya Narikata served as a bushō during the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.  He was a hereditary retainer of the Mōri clan and was primarily active in Bitchū Province.

Narikata was born as the son of Awaya Motoshige.

Narikata served as a member of the vanguard forces at the Battle of Oshikibata on 6/5 of Tenbun 23 (1554) and at the Battle of Yano on 4/11 of Tenbun 24 (1555).  For his contributions in these battles, Narikara received written commendations from Mōri Motonari and Mōri Takamoto.  On 6/1 of Eiroku 1 (1558), Takamoto awarded Narikata land including in Shirōmaru in Iwakuni in the Kuga District of Suō Province and in Kozue in Shirasuna in Yamazato in Aki Province.

Beginning around 1536, upon orders of Motonari, he went to serve Mimura Iechika in Bitchū.  During the first and second months of 1564, together with Kagawa Mitsukage, he urged the Mimura clan to deploy to Hōki Province.  Narikata also led commanders and soldiers on deployments to Bitchū, primarily engaging in military operations in the Bitchū area.

In 1571, after Motonari suffered a deterioration of his health, Narikata temporarily returned to Yoshida in the Takata District of Aki Province, but Motonari died on 6/14 of Genki 2 (1571).  At this time, the situation in Bitchū was tense.  During Narikata’s absence, Kobayakawa Takakage (Motonari’s third son) feared the uncontrolled return to Bitchū of groups from Bingo.  On the day after Motonari died, he demanded that Narikata immediately return to Bitchū.  After burning incense at the Daitsū Temple in Aki, before nightfall on that same day, Narikata returned to Bitchū without waiting for the memorial service for Motonari.

On 10/4 of Tenshō 4 (1576), when Ashikaga Yoshiaki (the fifteenth shōgun) came from the capital to the town of Tomo in Bingo Province, as an expression of gratitude, Narikata received an Amakuni long sword from a retainer of Yoshiaki named Makishima Akimitsu.  Amakuni was a renowned sword manufacturer during the Nara or Heian periods.

On 4/10 of Tenshō 20 (1592), Narikata died and was succeeded by his son, Awaya Motosuke.


The date is uncertain, but there is a letter in which Narikata is rebuked by Mōri Takamoto after being informed by Awaya Motonobu (a family member of Narikata) that Narikata was in ill condition after drinking too much saké.