Awaya Katsuhisa


Awaya Clan


Wakasa Province

Lifespan:  15xx to 15xx

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Governor of Etchū

Clan:  Awaya

Lord:  Takeda Yoshizumi → Takeda Motoaki → Niwa Nagahide → Hashiba Hideyoshi

Awaya Katsuhisa a bushō, served as a retainer and hikan, or servant, of the Takeda clan.  In addition, Katsuhisa was lord of Kuniyoshi Castle and military governor of Wakasa Province.  During this period, the Takeda clan in Wakasa was undergoing an internal struggle for control between Takeda Nobutoyo (the former military governor) and his son, Takeda Yoshizumi (the current military governor).  After prevailing against his father, Yoshizumi faced a revolt in a bid for independence from influential retainers in western Wakasa known as the Hemi clan.  Yoshizumi appealed to the Asakura clan, the military governors of Echizen Province, with whom he had a marital connection, for troops to support him in governing the province.  Opposed to the prospect of allowing the Asakura army to enter Wakasa, Katsuhisa supported Yoshizumi’s son, Takeda Motoaki, against Yoshizumi, and repelled the invasion by the Asakura into Wakasa.  In 1568, the Asakura captured Motoaki, took him to Echizen, and kept him under house arrest in the Asakura residence in Ichijōdani.

As the Asakura made inroads in Wakasa, Katsuhisa resisted in his capacity as a retainer of the Takeda from Kuniyoshi Castle.  In 1570, while the Oda expanded their sphere of influence, Katsuhisa and other kokujin in Wakasa cooperated with the Oda.  Nobunaga lodged at Kuniyoshi Castle when his troops marched into Echizen. During the attack in Echizen, Katsuhisa led the charge against the Asakura at Ichijōdani, and rescued Motoaki from his confinement.

In 1575, despite responding to the appeal to save Motoaki, the bakufu in Kyōto did not authorize the occupation of Wakasa by the Takeda clan, and appointed Niwa Nagahide, a senior retainer of Nobunaga, to govern Wakasa.  In 1581, Katsuhisa and other retainers of the Takeda in Wakasa showed uniform alignment in their support for Nagahide.

After the Honnō Temple Incident, Katsuhisa served as a mounted soldier for Toyotomi Hideyoshi.  Later, Kimura Shigekore became lord of Kuniyoshi Castle.  His grandchild later served Toyotomi Hideyori and fought for the Toyotomi at the Siege of Ōsaka.