Ashina Morishige


Ashina Clan


Mutsu Province

Lifespan:  Bunmei 14 (1482) to 2/6 of Eishō 18 (1521)

Rank:  bushō

Titles:  Assistant Vice Minister of Popular Affairs, Governor of Tōtōmi

Clan:  Ashina

Father:  Ashina Moritaka

Siblings:  Morishige, Morikiyo, sister (formal wife of Date Tanemune)

Children:  Haryū Moriyuki

Children: Morishige, Morikiyo, daughter (formal wife of Date Tanemune)

Ashina Morishige served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  He served as the fourteenth head of the Ashina clan based in Mutsu Province.

In 1482, Morishige was born as the son of Ashina Moritaka, the thirteenth head of the Ashina clan.

Having excelled in the military arts, in 1500, upon request of his father, Morishige killed Inawashiro Moriyori. Morishige, however, had a gradual falling out with Moritaka, and, in 1505, with the support of the Matsumoto clan (his senior retainers), it escalated into a battle.  Morishige lost and fled to Date Hisamune for protection.

Later, he reconciled with Moritaka and returned home.  In the twelfth month of 1518, after the death of Moritaka, Morishige became his successor.  In 1520, he fought against Mogami Yoshifusa, the lord of Kaminoyama Castle, as a member of reinforcements for Date Tanemune.

Morishige died on 2/6 of 1521 at the age of forty.  His younger brother, Ashina Morikiyo, inherited the family. Morishige had a son, Moriyuki, who became the head of the Haryū clan.

There is another theory concerning Morishige’s lifespan, with birth in 1463 and death on 6/23 of 1540 at the age of fifty-nine.