Asami Dōsei


Asami Clan


Ōmi Province

Lifespan: 15xx to 15xx

Rank:  bushō

Title:  Governor of Tajima

Clan:  Asami

Lord:  Azai Nagamasa → Shibata Katsuie

Father:  Asami Sadanori

Siblings:  Kii-no-kami, Dōsei (Michinishi)

Children: Kagechika (Daigaku-no-suke)

Asami Dōsei (Michinishi) served as a bushō and retainer of the Azai clan in Ōmi Province during the Sengoku and Azuchi-Momoyama periods.

The Asami clan were local inhabitants of Ōmi, serving along with the Azai as hikan, or servants, of the Kyōgoku clan, who were the military governors of Ōmi. After the rise of the Azai clan, the Asami served under their rule.  Michinishi may have been a member of the Asami family based in Yamamotoyama Castle, just five kilometers to the west of Odani Castle in Ōmi.  Michinishi’s father, Asami Sadanori, joined with Azai Sukemasa in opposing Kyōgoku Takakiyo, lord of the Kyōgoku clan.  Takakiyo desired his second son, Takayoshi, to become his designated successor, whereas Sadanori and Sukemasa supported Takakiyo’s eldest son, Takanobu, to become his successor.  Sadanori and Sukemasa succeeded in driving Takakiyo, Takayoshi, and Uesaka Nobumitsu out of Ōmi and to Owari Province.  In 1573, Michinishi colluded with the Oda and abandoned the Azai at the Battle of Odani Castle, but his territory was seized.  He later served Shibata Katsuie and, in 1583, participated in the Battle of Shizugatake in a losing effort against the larger forces of Hashiba Hideyoshi.