Asakura Kagetaka


Asakura Clan


Echizen Province

Lifespan:  Meiō 4 (1495) to Unknown

Rank:  bushō

Titles:  Master of the Right Division of Outer Palace Guards, Lieutenant of the Right Division of Imperial Guards, Head of the Ōno District of Echizen Province

Clan:  Asakura

Lord:  Asakura Takakage

Father:  Asakura Sadakage

Siblings:  Takakage, Kagetaka, 景郡、Kagetoshi, Michisato, Kagenobu, 大成明玉

Wife:  [Consort] Daughter of Karasumaru Fuyumitsu

Children:  Kageakira, Kagetsugu, Arishige Kawachi-no-kami

Asakura Kagetaka, a bushō, was a family member of the Asakura clan of Echizen Province.  Kagetaka was the second son of Asakura Sadakage, the ninth head of the Asakura clan, and the younger brother of Asakura Takakage, the tenth head of the clan.  He married the daughter of Karasumaru Fuyumitsu, a kuge from Kyōto with the Court title of Provisional Vice-Councilor of State. She gave birth to a son, Asakura Kageakira.

In 1519, Kagetaka led 3,000 soldiers into Mino Province and battled against forces under Saitō Hikoshirō, the deputy military governor of Mino and supporter of Toki Yoriaki. Yoriaki competed with his older brother, Toki Yoritake, to become the military governor of Mino.  Kagetaka sided with Yoritake and achieved successive victories at the Battle of Masaki and the Battle of Ikenobe.  These contributions enabled the term of Toki Yoritake as the military governor of Mino.  Beginning in 1527, Kagetaka served as the governor of the Ōno District in Echizen. 

In 1536, Kagetaka attacked Anama Castle on behalf of Yoritake in a connection with the ongoing struggle between Yoritake and Yoriaki for control of Mino.  Owing to discord between Kagetaka and his older brother, Takakage, Kagetaka was dismissed from his role as governor of the Ōno District.  In 1540, he marched to Kyōto, soliciting support from kuge, or nobles, and other officials from the bakufu to rebel against Takakage, but the plan failed to gain traction, and he was banished from Kyōto the following month, in an event known as the Yōkyūkai jiken.  Kagetaka came under the protection of the Takeda in Wakasa Province, and joined with the Shiba of Owari Province and the Hongan Temple with the aim of invading Echizen.  However, Kagetaka ultimately departed Wakasa in 1543 and went to the harbor town of Sakai in Izumi Province and passed away in the western region.