Asakura Kagemoto


Asakura Clan


Echizen Province

Lifespan:  Bunmei 16 (1484) to 4/13 of Tenbun 4 (1535)

Rank:  bushō; lord of Ago Castle

Clan:  Asakura

Father:  Asakura Tsunekage

Siblings:  Kagemoto, Soshin Shōetsu

Wife: Kita-dono (eldest daughter of Asakura  Sadakage)

Children:  Kagetaka

Asakura Kagemoto served as a retainer of the Asakura clan and lord of Ago Castle in Echizen Province, inheriting the role from his father, Asakura Tsunekage.  His son was Asakura Kagetaka.

In 1506, he led a contingent of 3,800 soldiers in battle against uprisings by monks of the Ikkō sect from Kaga. Under the command of Asakura Norikage (Sōteki), Kagemoto joined in the Battle of Kuzuryūgawa against the monks.  The Asakura army totaled from 8,000 to 16,000 men, against as many as 30,000 warrior monks.  The opposing armies confronted one another across the Kuzuryū River.  Early in the conflict, Norikage launched a surprise nighttime raid by crossing the river to attack the enemy.  The plan succeeded, with the Ikkō sect combatants retreating to Kaga.  The energized troops destroyed the monks’ quarters in Yoshizaki in Echizen while en route to their home base.

In 1517, the Henmi clan launched a rebellion in neighboring Wakasa Province.  Kagemoto joined Norikage on a deployment to look after Takahama Castle in the Ōi District of Wakasa.  Takahama stood in a strategic location on the end of a peninsula overlooking Takahama Bay.  In 1525, Kagemoto led reinforcements to Mino Province to support Toki Yoritake in an internal conflict.  He advanced to Inabayama to suppress the rebellion.