Aoyama Tadashige


Aoyama Clan


Mikawa Province

Lifespan:  Daiei 5 (1525) to 4/2 of Genki 2 (1571)

Other Names:  Ushinosuke, Ushidayū (common)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Aoyama

Lord:  Tokugawa Ieyasu

Father:  Aoyama Tadayo

Siblings:  Tadakado, sister (wife of 東久坊宗玄), Shigenari, Tadashige, Aoki Toshinari

Children:  Narishige

Aoyama Tadashige served as a bushō during the Sengoku period.  He was a retainer of Tokugawa Ieyasu.

In 1525, Tadashige was born as the third son of Aoyama Tadayo.

Tadashige served in the Battle of Okehazama in 1560.  In 1563, for purposes of pacifying the Mikawa Ikkō-ikki, he fought in numerous battles in western Mikawa.  He further served with the vanguard forces during an assault on Tenzutsuyama Castle in Echizen Province in 1570.

In 1571, during an uprising in Tōtōmi Province that led to an attack on Okazaki Castle, Tadashige, together with his older brother, Aoyama Tadakado, deployed to repel the attack but Tadashige was killed while pursuing the ikki forces attempting to flee.

He was succeeded by Aoyama Narishige, a daimyō and the second son of Hattori Masanobu.