Andō Satouji


Andō Clan


Mino Province

Lifespan: 15xx to 6/8 of Tenshō 10 (1582)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Andō

Lord:  Toki Yoriaki → Saitō Dōsan → Saitō Tatsuoki → Oda Nobunaga

Father:  Iga Sadashige

Siblings:  Andō Morinari, sister (wife of Kanamori Nagachika), Satouji

Wife: Daughter of Yamauchi Moritoyo (通) (younger sister of Yamauchi Kazutoyo)

Children:  Yamauchi Yoshiuji, daughter (wife of Fukao Shigeyoshi), adopted daughter of Yamauchi Kazutoyo (wife of Inui Kazunobu)

Andō Satouji first served for Toki Yoriaki, followed in succession by Saitō Dōsan, Saitō Yoshitatsu, Saitō Tatsuoki, and, finally, Oda Nobunaga.  He was lord of Kitagata Castle in the Motosu District of Mino Province.  He was the fourth son of Iga Sadashige, and younger brother of Andō Morinari.

In 1545, Satouji married the elder sister of Yamauchi Katsutoyo, a daimyō from Tosa Province in Shikoku.  He joined the Oda at the time of their campaign to gain control of Mino.  In 1570, Satouji and Morinari fought in the Battle of Anegawa.  In 1571, he participated in the effort to suppress riots by followers of the Ikkō sect from Nagashima in Ise Province.  Satouji made strenuous efforts despite being seriously wounded in the conflict.

In 1580, Satouji and Morinari angered Nobunaga upon charges of colluding with the Takeda, resulting in orders for the confinement of Satouji, Morinari, and other members of the Andō to the Mugi District of Mino.  Inaba Yoshimichi, a relative of the Andō, initially provided support to them, but owing to the continuing displeasure of Nobunaga, Yoshimichi could no longer be of help.  Meanwhile, the territory formerly under control of the Andō clan was transferred to the Inaba clan.  As a consequence, many of the retainers of the Andō became rōnin, or masterless samurai.

In 1582, after the sudden death of Nobunaga in the Honnō Temple Incident, a dramatic coup d’état led by Akechi Mitsuhide, one of his senior retainers, Satouji joined Morinari to raise arms and to capture their former base of Kitagata Castle in territory that was then controlled by Yoshimichi.  Several days later, Satouji and Morinari died in a counterattack mounted by the Inaba.  His son, Yamauchi Yoshiuji, survived through the support of his uncle, Yamauchi Katsutoyo, by sheltering in Iwate in the Motosu District of Mino.  In 1600, Katsutoyo fought successfully in the Battle of Sekigahara, and, for his achievements, was awarded Tosa Province.  Yoshiuji received a fief of 7000 koku in the town of Sukumoshi in the Hata District of Tosa where he became an elder and forefather of the Iga clan.