Amenomori Kiyosada


Amenomori Clan


Ōmi Province

Lifespan: 15xx to 15xx

Rank:  kokujin; lord of Amenomori Castle in Ōmi

Lord:  Azai Hisamasa → Azai Nagamasa

Clan:  Amenomori

Amenomori Kiyosada was a kokujin from Ōmi Province and a senior retainer of Azai Hisamasa.  He served as a sōsha, or an administrator of provincial affairs, and participated in assorted battles.  Kiyosada, together with Kaihō Tsunachika and Akao Kiyotsuna, is named as one of three key commanders for the Azai.  Served as lord of Amenomori Castle in the Ika District of Ōmi.

Amenomori [Kiyoyoshi] died in the Battle of Anegawa in 1570.  His younger brother, Kiyotsugu, became his successor as head of the clan.  In 1573, the Azai clan perished at the Battle of Odani Castle against the Oda, causing the remnants of the Amenomori to associate with Atsuji Sadayuki.  During the Tenshō period (1573-93), the members of the Amenomori clan were scattered among various districts.  

The Atsuji clan was decimated in 1582 at the Battle of Yamazaki, while Kiyotsugu was confined to the Dōgan Temple.  His son, Kiyohiro, later served the Matsue in Izumo province during the Edo period.