Amakata Michinao


Amakata Clan


Shimōsa Province

Lifespan:  Tenshō 17 (1589) to 11/22 of Kanei 7 (1630)

Other Names:  Shume-no-suke

Rank:  hatamoto

Title:  Junior Fifth Rank (Lower), Governor of Bizen

Clan:  Amakata

Bakufu:  Edo

Father:  Aoyama Tadanari

Adoptive Father:  Amakata Michioki

Mother:  Daughter of Amakata Michioki

Wife:  Daughter of Hori Toshishige

Children:  倶通, Michitsugu, daughter (wife of Kondō Yōji)

Amakata Michinao served as a hatamoto, or direct retainer of the bakufu, during the early Edo period.

Michinao was born as the fifth son of Aoyama Tadanari.  His mother was the daughter of Amakata Michioki who became his adoptive father.  He wed the daughter of Hori Toshishige.

From an early age, he served Tokugawa Ieyasu and, on 12/26 of Keichō 10 (1605), was granted 500 koku in Shimōsa Province.  On 9/5 of Keichō 13 (1608), his fief was increased by 250 koku.  In 1613, after the death of his natural father, Aoyama Tadanari, he received 1,500 koku from the inherited landholdings, yielding a total fief of 2,250 koku.

Michinao participated in the Siege of Ōsaka.  During the Summer Campaign in 1615, he captured enemy heads at the Battle of Tennōji-Okayama.  Later, he served as a member of the shoinban, a high-ranking cavalry unit of the Edo bakufu, and in the first month of 1620 became the head of the koshōkumi, another high-ranking cavalry unit and in the first month of 1623 the head of the shoinban.

Beginning in the ninth month of 1623, he was assigned to the western citadel of Edo Castle.

On 10/23 of Kanei 2 (1625), he received a license from the shōgun to landholdings of 2,250 koku in the Musa District of Kazusa Province, the Katsushika and Katori districts of Shimōsa Province, and the Kōza District of Sagami Province.

On 10/3 of Kanei 3 (1626), he was invested with the titles of Junior Fifth Rank (Lower) and Governor of Bizen.  On 11/22 of Kanei 7 (1630), he died at the age of forty-two.  His grave was at the Seishō Temple in Kaizuka in Musashi Province but later moved to the Renge Temple in Koishikawa.


Michinao learned the tea ceremony from Kuwayama Sadaharu.