Amago Michihisa


Amago Clan


Izumo Province

Lifespan:  Tenbun 23 (1554) (?) to Tenshō 6 (1578)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Amago

Lord:  Amago Haruhisa → Hachisuka clan

Father:  Amago Sanehisa (or Takahisa)

Siblings:  Ujihisa, Yoshihisa, Suehisa, Tsunehisa, Katsuhisa, Michihisa

Children:  Hisakuni

Amago Michihisa served as a retainer of the Amago clan of Izumo Province.  Michihisa was the sixth son of Amago Sanehisa.  He was a regarded in the clan as an expert marksman with the arquebus.  In 1554, Amago Haruhisa, lord of the clan, slayed many members of the elite force of soldiers led by Amago Kunihisa known as the shingūtō.  Michihisa fled to another province, became a retainer of the Hachisuka clan, and leader of their infantry unit.  In 1577, Michihisa joined Amago Katsuhisa and Yamanaka Yukimori in a bid to restore the Amago clan by confronting the Mōri.  The plan resulted in defeat at the Battle of Kōzuki Castle in 1578.  As ringleaders of the rebellion, Michihisa joined Katsuhisa, Yukimori and Amago Ujihisa in killing themselves.

Under another story, Michihisa was a younger brother of Katsuhisa, and he fled to Hōki Province.  The Shōun Temple in Hōki bears his name as having laid the foundation.