Amago Hidehisa


Amago Clan


Izumo Province

Lifespan:  Tenbun 23 (1554) (?) to 12/2 of Keichō 14 (1609)

Rank:  bushō

Clan:  Amago

Bakufu:  Muromachi → Edo

Lord:  Amago Haruhisa → Amago Yoshihisa → Mōri Motonari → Mōri Terumoto

Father:  Amago Haruhisa

Mother:  Daughter of Amago Kunihisa

Siblings:  Chitose, Yoshihisa, Tomohisa, Hidehisa, sister (wife of Mizawa Tamekiyo), sister

Children: Sakon clan

Amago Hidehisa served as a retainer of the Amago and Mōri clans in Izumo Province.  In 1554, he was the fourth son of Amago Haruhisa, sengoku daimyō of Izumo. Hidehisa conducted a prayer ceremony during a renga event, a cultural art of linked-verse poetry, held at Gassantoda Castle.  In 1562, after an invasion by the Mōri, Hidehisa and other retainers retreated to the confines of Gassantoda.  Together with Uyama Hisakane and Sase Kiyomune, Hidehisa defended the Sugaya entrance.  The defenders fought valiantly against Kobayakawa Takakage while not ceding their position to the enemy.  In 1566, his older brother, Amago Yoshihisa, surrendered Gassantoda. Hidehisa, together with Yoshihisa and his next oldest brother, Amago Tomohisa, were taken to the Enmyō Temple in Aki Province and held under strict supervision for many years.  In 1589, after being released, Hidehisa served as a kakushō, or guest commander, of the Mōri, and resided in Aki.  Thereafter, as a retainer of the Mōri, he participated in the Bunroku-Keichō Expedition, which was comprised of two military campaigns on the Korean Peninsula led by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in the last decade of the sixteenth century.  On 12/2 of 1609, Hidehisa died in the village of Nago in the Abu District of Nagato Province.  Thereafter, his children adopted the surname of the Sakon family and resided in the town of Fukusada.